Thursday, February 28, 2013

Comic Lovers Podcast Ep 1: Our Very First Episode!

Well that was fast, eh?  Yesterday I teased the possibility of an upcoming podcast and tonight I'm posting our very first one.  Okay, this is a very ROUGH cut with decent audio but no audio mixing or intro music.  This is some bare bones, raw stuff here people.

We decided that we were through talking about "maybe" recording a podcast, and just decided to give it a shot.  Practice makes perfect, or in our case, somewhere between bad and not half-bad.  Either way, I don't have the energy to write a lot of reviews these days but I always have time to talk about comics.  Especially with Courtney (okay, anyone who'll listen, really).

I'd like post one of these every week.  We're going to be reading these books and then talking about them later anyways, so the very least we can do is record our thoughts on them.  Eventually I plan on adding some intro music, but before that can happen I need to a) find some decent (free) audio editing software, and b) find a band willing to lend me some of their music to use in our opening.

In this episode Courtney and I talk about Uncanny X-Men #2 and FF#4.  She comments on the size of She-Hulk's boobs and I defend what might be Emma Frost's least-revealing outfit ever.

You can download the full episode at the Internet Archive here.

Since this is very much a test run, please let us know if there are any issues with streaming, problems with audio quality, etc.  I will be adding these to iTunes at some point in the future, but only once we've recorded a few, ironed out some of the kinks, and have added some intro and outro music.

We hope you like it.

UPDATE:  I've re-uploaded the episode with the new intro and outro music.  The song featured is "New World" by The Dyeing Merchants.

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